Make sure your family and loved ones are protected without the hassle of a medical exam. No medical insurance is right for you if:


• You want coverage fast


• You’ve been declined by other insurance companies


• You are considered difficult to insure


• You just can’t physically submit to a medical exam


Protect yourself and loved ones from routine and also unexpected medical or dental costs. Health insurance is right for you if:


• You are self employed


• You are retired


• You are not covered by your employer


• You are looking for additional coverage



Everyone wants to protect their loved ones in the event of their passing and Life Insurance does this by helping your surviving family pay for:


• Funeral expenses


• Debt repayment on your behave


• High education costs


• Everyday expenses they would otherwise not be able to pay due loss income




When traveling for pleasure or for business the last thing you want is some unexpected flight delay or loss baggage to ruin your trip. Travel insurance can help by:


• Ensuring your emergency medical bills are paid for while in a different country


• Paying for any loss or damaged baggage


• Paying for flights in case of family emergency or delay




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