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  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance is one of the most important ways you can protect your loved ones financial future.  Life insurance works by providing your beneficiaries with a tax-free benefit upon your passing.


  • Term Life Insurance

    A plan of insurance which covers the insured for only a certain period of time and not necessarily for his or her entire life. The policy pays a death benefit only if the insured dies during the term.


    It provides temporary protection for a predetermined term, usually 10 or 20 years. Your coverage never decreases and the premiums are guaranteed for the length of the term.

  • Permanent Life Insurance

    Permanent Life Insurance provides coverage for your entire lifetime. This type of insurance offers the peace of mind that your premiums will never increase and in the event of your passing, your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive a tax free benefit.

  • Whole Life Insurance

    Whole Life insurance offers level premiums and life insurance protection for as long as you live, provided that premiums are paid as required to keep the policy in force.

  • Universal Life Insurance

    Universal Life Insurance combines the benefit of lifetime protection with a flexible portfolio of investment options.


    Universal Life insurance is one solution that combines 2 important aspects of financial planning:


    1. Permanent insurance protection for lifelong peace of mind, plus

    2. Investment account options that can grow your savings, tax-deferred


  • No Medical Life Insurance

    No medical life insurance is similar to regular life insurance in that the terms of coverage are offered in the same manner, i.e. whole life, term, or even critical illness.


    The difference being that you do not require a medical exam in order to qualify for coverage. Usually individuals are asked a few simple medical related question but do no require a full medical checkup.

  • Mortgage Life Insurance

    Mortgage life insurance protects the policy holder by paying out a lump sum amount, enough to cover the outstanding mortgage, in the event of the policy holder's death.


    Mortgage life insurance is supposed to protect the borrower's ability to repay the mortgage for the lifetime of the mortgage

  • Health & Dental Insurance

    A type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and dental expenses that are incurred by the insured. Health insurance can either reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury or pay the care provider directly.


  • Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical Illness Insurance is a form of health insurance that provides a lump-sum payment should you become seriously ill. Although the types of illnesses covered differ from company to company, typical illnesses may include: cancer, stroke, blindness, paralysis, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, and more.

  • Disability Insurance

    Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time. Disability insurance is designed to provide a source of income if you are unable to work due to a disability and offers guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

    Accidents and medical emergencies can happen while you are away on vacation or a business trip. Travel with a peace of mind knowing that you are protected from the potentially high costs of medical and drug bills.


    Some travel medical insurance will also cover emergency medical transportation to the nearest medical facility. This could potentially be a helicopter ride costing in excess of $100,000, so it is imperative that you properly protect yourself and loved ones while away.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance

    When you are booking your trip you need to ask yourself "If I have to cancel my trip can I afford to lose all the money that I have invested in it?" or "What happens if there is an emergency at home that requires me to cut my trip short?"


    Trip cancellation travel insurance can play an important role in helping you with pre-paid travel expense costs, re-organizing travel plans, and recovering lost, damaged & stolen luggage.

  • Baggage Insurance

    Pays for the loss, damage, destruction or theft of your personal effects while in transit, or while in any hotel or any other building, en route anywhere in the world, on water, land or in the air.


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