What is it?


Very similar to a regular life insurance policy - no medical insurance allows an individual to purchase life insurance without the need to undergo a medical examination. The advantages of purchasing a no medical insurance policy is





the time it take to get coverage, where traditional life insurance policies will require a medical exam that could take weeks if not months to complete, no medical can have you covered in days. You might consider no medical insurance if you:


• Want to obtain coverage quickly without the hassle of long wait times

• Are a smoker

• Are overweight

• Don’t want to go through any medical exams

• Have been declined life insurance coverage for medical or lifestyle reasons before


Why do you need it?


No medical insurance is designed specifically for those individuals who might have been denied insurance coverage for any number of reasons, or just can’t stand the thought of a medical examination. The top most cited reason for people to opt for this type of insurance policy is to ensure the financial future of themselves and their loved ones. If you have been denied coverage under a traditional life insurance policy, no medical life insurance might be right for you.  


Are there different types of no medical exam insurance?


Similar to traditional life insurance, no medical insurance is offered for a certain term (term life) or for the entire life of the policy holder (whole life). In addition a third type of coverage, no medical critical illness insurance, might also be offered by the insurance company.


No medical whole life insurance:


This policy will remain in effect for the entirety of the policy holder’s life. A lump-sum payment is granted to the insurer’s beneficiary after death. Some plans even offer a premium back policy whereby after a certain number of years the policy holder can receive a lump-sum tax-free payment.


No medical term life insurance:


A less expensive life insurance option, term life insurance can cover you for 10, 20 or for 100 years. These policies can carry a lump-sum payout of up to $150,000 and you can be insured with just a few simple questions without the need for a medical examination.


No medical critical illness insurance:


Coverage is provided to individuals that would otherwise have difficulty applying for traditional critical illness insurance.






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