What is it?


Travel insurance is there for those unexpected things that can happen while you are away on a dream vacation or business trip. Travel insurance protects you in a number of different situations from medical emergencies to




flight cancellations. With proper insurance you can be sure that your dream vacation does not turn into a nightmare.


Why do you need it?


When you’re traveling, enjoying your vacation or focuses on that all important business meeting, the last thing you want is for some unforeseen event such as baggage loss, accident, or cancelled flight to ruin your careful planning.


What types of travel insurance are there?


Travel insurance will usually fall under three categories or areas of coverage, medical, trip protection, and finally baggage insurance.  On top of which you can insure yourself based on just a single trip or multiple trips.


Medical Travel Insurance:


The first most basic type of insurance many people often think of when they’re traveling. Medical travel insurance would cover you for medical, drug, and dental expenses incurred due to an injury or illness. Most travel insurance policies also include emergency evacuation coverage, however; you might want to consider purchasing this in addition to regular medical travel insurance if it is not covered in your base policy.


• As a traveller you should have basic medical travel coverage to protect you against unforeseen health problems that might arise while you are away.

• Cruise travelers would do well to include emergency evacuation insurance in their basic coverage as a helicopter ride to the nearest land hospital could cost in excess of $150,000.


Trip Protection Insurance:


Trip protection insurance can be broken down into three distinct categories: cancellation coverage, trip delay insurance and finally trip interruption protection. 


A. Cancellation coverage will protect you in the event you need to cancel your trip due to illness, or family emergency by reimbursing costs you have paid for the trip.


B. Trip delay insurance will cover costs associate with a flight delay such as overnight stay at a hotel.


C. Trip interruption protection kicks in while you are away on your trip. Allowing you to book flights home for any number of reasons without having to pay out of pocket.


Baggage insurance:


We all want our trips and vacations to go as smoothly as planned but the realities can be extremely frustrating and often times inconvenient. Imaging arriving at your tropical destination only to find that your luggage has not arrived, baggage insurance will ensure that with one phone call you can easily receive reimbursement for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage so you can keep on enjoying your trip. Baggage insurance will cover you either traveling to or from your destination. 




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